The couple were traveling by car and suddenly saw a living package on the side of the road

Wade Shepp and his wife Mandy were walking home from church in Princeton, Texas on Sunday when they saw something that made them slow down. We were driving slowly down a country road, systematically looking around, and suddenly I saw a small dog’s head bobbing on the side of the road. When you see dogs on the road in the countryside, it’s usually a farm dog running across the road or getting ready to run.

But here the dog sat motionless in some sort of bag. It didn’t make any sense. Wade and Mandy are very fond of dogs and thought this dog was in trouble. They stopped the car and got out. The reality turned out to be depressing. The pup, which looked like a dachshund mix, had been leashed and then stuffed into a bag of food wrappers so that only its head was sticking out of the hole.

It must have been done deliberately by a very bad person. The dog couldn’t go out on his own. Even we had to work very hard to get it out of the bag, and we used car keys to open the bag.

The dog, nicknamed Bubba, was shy, and Wade believes he was very scared as he was constantly shaking and squirming with every human movement. According to Wade and Mandy, it stayed in the bag for at least 5-6 hours, maybe longer. Many cars probably passed him during this time, but only Shappen’s car stopped.

Shapps took the dog home and bathed him. As Bubba bathed in the hot water, he finally started to recover a bit. I think he understands that we saved him, Uyed said.

The next day, the couple took the dog to the vet, where he got another nasty surprise. It turned out that someone had previously shot the little guy with a pistol and damaged his front leg. There was a bullet hole in the leg. The wound was not visible when washing because it was in the leg joint and had already started to heal a bit.

Wade figured someone would shoot the dog first, and when he missed he put him in a bag and dumped him on the side of the road. For now, they have decided to keep the dog with them until he has fully recovered.

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