Stray pup who was adopted got the job of an officer and helped cops ease their tension

A dog without a family was pregnant. She wandered the streets and one day she gave birth to some puppies.

St. Paul Police Department officers were called to a local farm because the stray dog ​​and her puppies had been hanging around the property for a few days.

The mother dog was lucky. The officers picked her up with her newborn puppies and took them to the local shelter.

But police officer Kathryn Smith decided to adopt one of the puppies that she really liked. Kathryn brought the newborn pooch home.

The woman cared for the puppy, bottle-fed it. She called him Fuzz.

One day, when the puppy was already five months old, the officer took it with him to the department office.

Kathryn started bringing him back to the office more often, because the police asked her to.

During breaks or after work, the police petted the dog and cuddled him. And they noticed that these hugs helped them reduce their tension.

The officers and all the staff claimed that with the help of Fuzz they get rid of the stress obtained during their difficult work.

So the chief of police decided to welcome the puppy every day, which was like a cure for his workers.

He offered him the officer position and henceforth the pup would be known as Sgt. Down.

The police chief offered Kathryn Smith for Sgt. Duvet participates in a therapy program for dogs as soon as he is older, in order to help other people to reduce their stress as well.

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