Puppy injured and scared of storm could not run anymore: the pooch was saved by a kind man

The storm can produce great fear in some animals.

A cute stray pooch never had a family. The puppy was so afraid of the storm coming soon, that he no longer knew where to go to hide and what to do.

The sky was getting darker and darker due to the accumulated clouds and the frightened dog ran here and there and couldn’t find a suitable shelter.

But finally, the animal had the chance to be protected.

A nice man in a car saw him on the road and came to the rescue of the little animal.

He wanted to grab it, but couldn’t because the dog didn’t trust people.

Fortunately, before the storm arrived, the man was able to persuade him to approach. When he was in her arms, he wagged his tail.

Even, he left to be caressed. Sitting in the front seat, he looked at his savior with his big eyes as if to express his gratitude.

The stranger caressed him consolingly. And having found himself safe, the adorable pooch finally calmed down.

This man has never had a pet and he decided not to let go of the dog with such intelligent eyes.

His family also loved him very much. They fed him and bathed him.

The puppy was adopted by this welcoming family and was named Lucy. Lucy was very happy to have discovered an eternal home and her canine happiness.

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