A Canadian found an abandoned kitten in the woods. Or rather he thought it was a kitten…

A few weeks ago, Matthew Petrie from Quebec was walking in the woods when he suddenly spotted a fluffy little kitten.

At first he thought it was a cat.

The kitten sat alone among the leaves.

When he picked it up, he discovered that it had paws too big for a cat and oddly rounded ears.

I thought it was a wildcat, but it must be a little lynx, the man said.

Matthew decided to take the cat back into the foliage, just in case, and started walking through the forest. But the animal did not leave his thoughts.

The next day I came back and he was still alone. And he was hissing very sadly. I couldn’t leave him like this any longer, I couldn’t live alone. Maybe the mother mouse had abandoned him, the weakest of them all. Cats do that sometimes.”

Matthew took the kitten to town and asked the local zoo for help. He was asked to come with them the next day and given advice on how to feed and care for him. Matthew spent the rest of the day and night caring for the lynx.

The next day he took the lynx to the zoo. There he examined the little one and was told that he was still very young and needed constant care. The cub will stay at the zoo until it grows up, after which it will be released into the forest.

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