Woman wakes up to find stray dog ​​sitting on her porch, helps her find a new home

Sometimes animals enter our lives in surprising ways. Many people have found stray cats or dogs looking for love and their own home, asking them for help.

Such was the case of a woman who found a dog that felt at home on her porch and made it her task to find him a new home.

One morning, Amy Hayden got an unexpected surprise when her daughter told her that a dog was living on their back porch. At first, Amy hadn’t thought of it, because there are two dogs in the family.

But soon, she discovered that this dog was not the kind she had ever seen before, and the dog was happy to settle down comfortably on her garden furniture.

“It’s like he moved in here,” Amy told Good Morning America, recalling the moment she discovered a dog waiting on a chair. “He felt completely at home on the pillows, and he never left.”

The dog was clearly comfortable where he was: day after day, the family found the dog always in the same place, refusing to move.

It was clear the dog needed a little help, so Amy started caring for the dog and also started looking for her family, reaching out to the community and posting messages on Facebook.

While other neighbors saw him in town, no one reported him and he was not microchipped. “I don’t know where he came from, where he was, or what his name was,” Amy said.

The dog became known as Walker (Amy said she let TikTok give him a name) and Amy’s family continued to care for him over the next few months.

However, they realized they weren’t the proper “eternal family” for Walker. Amy had two dogs and they didn’t get along with the newcomer. So instead, she started looking for a permanent home for Walker.

Luckily, Amy quickly found the perfect new mistress for Walker, the “little old lady” who was begging for a new dog.

“She was very cute,” Amy told GMA. “She told us she was praying for a dog like him and we were the answer to her prayers.”

This cute dog has definitely chosen the right porch to make himself comfortable on. Thanks to this good family, Walker finally has his own loving home.

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