“We didn’t know what was in store for us!” They accidentally brought home the daughter of the Sphinx and the domestic cat

“What kind of nightmare do you have on your hands? Throw it!” there are those who wrinkle themselves.

“Be sure to go to the exhibition with such exoticism!” others call.

“This cat, probably, needs to be treated… ” – sympathetically reasoned others.

And only Dasha knows that her SIM — the best and most unusual domestic cat, which without any pedigree replaces her SPACE!

How this story began…

A few years ago, Dasha’s mother decided to have a furry creature in the house. Dasha herself at that time was in high school and was not enough for such serious decisions, but one thing was certain: the animal is a big responsibility for the rest of her life!

And they arrived with my mother at the announcement. The mistress showed them two kittens to choose from — and, as is often the case, opinions differed! Mom liked a funny cat, covered with colored hair, with a white muzzle. But the girl loved another baby.

But mum is mum, she is known to be more visible. Therefore, it was her favorite that went home — a funny, disheveled tangle of positive, a bald Sphinx girl and an ordinary domestic cat!

“We didn’t wonder what was in store for us…” -laughs Dasha, because in fact, none of them have any intention of making such an unusual house of creation!

The baby was called Simone, Sima (or Simferopol — depending on daddy’s version). It began to grow rapidly and change with the speed of space! At first it was just a fluffy tangle, then it started shedding wool in some places.

Guests who came to the family were literally speechless-they were jumping from the corner “we don’t know what” with tufts of wool sticking out and wild green eyes!

“Your cat came from Chernobyl?” – that was a standard question in such cases…

What does an adult cat look like?

Simina appearance changed over 4 years. Then she had a bald muzzle, then a belly, then she shed wool on her paws, and in “bald” places she grew again. And only then she became as she is now: a beauty with fluffy sides and a head, whose back and tail are completely “Sphinx”.

Everyone in the family is proud of their pet’s exotic appearance. But most of all care with a cat, of course, Dasha! The girl does not imagine how you can fall asleep without kissing a warm little Taurus and feeling the soft paws on her neck.)

If you remember Simina, the brightest of them all is the love of ice cream and…blood. The cat has excellent hearing, she hears the rustle of packing even from the other end of the apartment and gallops on her knees to the mistress-begging her share of delicious!

Moore likes to sleep on the sofa, but her parents’ bed is scary: it is ordered by a stern master with a big, terrible rubber slipper. He needs to take the “weapons” in his hands and wave them in front of him — the traces of Simin immediately dissolve in the air!))

Yes, Simone is afraid of men – the young man from Dashin has also been used to it for a very long time. She was hiding, studying, and now she holds on cautiously.

But in fact, the cat, of course, no one offends. She’s so small, affectionate and light that even yelling at her — and it doesn’t work! A real woman will give a paw, then a hug, then suddenly decide to bite for a sting or to draw attention to herself. Mood changes are instant!

We can say that dashina chouchou is a pet without problems. Difficulties-except that the ubiquitous wool (and in the soup, and in the closet! always dirty eyes. The mistress cleans them twice a day, but in the luxury corners Simin “glyadelok” for some reason dirt goes all the time…

In everything else — she’s a wonderful girl with a bunch of cute habits: sleeping in a Dash bag, protecting people from flies, resting in an embrace with a battery, hiding in a closet, etc.

True, the morning of his mistress does not begin with pleasant plans for the day, but with such an expression “reminiscent” of muzzle breakfast!

But this is only a mask that hides great affection for her infinitely adored Dasha!

“Take care of your cats — everyone, even those — these “pollysikov”… – says the girl. “After all, the fact that she does not have a certain breed, a pedigree, and that she does not participate in shows, does not make her give up…”

We fully subscribe to these words. Each animal is remarkable for its personality, not for its papers or its name!

Whether your kitty looks like a slick princess or a shaggy brownie that demolishes everything in its path, love — her with all your heart.

And she will certainly answer you the same way!

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