These admirable creatures are the Indian giant squirrels that attract people’s attention with their unusual beauty

Never has anyone among us seen such a squirrel. To meet him, you have to go to India.

The associate director at the University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and Environment, John Koprowski is a specialist in squirrels.

Even he was amazed when he saw the Malabar Indian giant squirrel, also called shekru.

It has a huge body that reaches roughly 3 feet. Due to its large size, the animal resembles a primate.

Koprowski met the squirrel Shekru during a trip to India.

The Malabar giant squirrel is not just large in size, but has quite peculiar body nuances that make this captivating giant very exceptional.

The greater squirrel differs greatly from the ordinary squirrel that we usually know and sometimes encounter in zoos or in the eastern woods.

The color of the fur of this extraordinary animal is very diverse. The dominant colors are black, orange, brown and even violet.

These colors give it a special appearance.

Colossal squirrels are admirable creatures and it is very interesting to follow them.

Their multicolored and shiny fur is not only made for beauty, but it protects them and helps to blend in with the foliage of the forest.

As the irregular colors of the giant squirrel blend into the dense forest canopy, this allows them to remain unnoticed and escape forest predators.

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