The woman gave birth to absolutely identical triplets, which she herself hardly distinguishes

The chance of giving birth to absolutely identical triplets is naturally very low, but 26-year-old Briton Katie Crowe was lucky.

For the first time, she and her husband discovered that Kathy was carrying three babies under her heart for 12 weeks. But no one could imagine how similar these children would be to each other. Typically, triplets are two fertilized eggs. After fertilization, one egg continues to grow, and the other splits into 2 parts, resulting in twins. Because of this behavior of the eggs, the children are not very similar.

And Katie had absolutely identical children. These triplets are called monozygotic because only one fertilized egg is produced during fertilization, after which it splits into three parts.

Tommy, Joshua and Eddie were born on February 9. But not everything is so simple, each child had to give names, because they did not differ from each other at all.

“When I found out I was pregnant with triplets, I thought, ‘We don’t have a big house and a seven-seater car,’ my grandmother said. “Everything happens for a reason.” And he was right, the boys are simply breathtaking, ”shares the young mother.

The couple already have a 4-year-old son, Jacob.

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