“She weighs 150, she’s a handsome sportsman” These quirky spouses have caused a lot of discussion on the web

This Non-Standard Couple Of A Plus-Size Girl And A Sportsman Surprised People

Alisia and her beloved husband Scott often share their family photos where they look absolutely happy together. The girl is plus size weighing around 150 kilos while her partner is a handsome and muscular sportsman. Network users cannot understand what he found in her as sportsmen usually try to find such girls who lead a healthy lifestyle and meet all standards of beauty.

As we later discovered, Alisia and Scott have been together for 15 years already, including five years of happy marriage. The girl was like her partner, that is, she was for a healthy lifestyle and was actively engaged in sports. But due to sports preparation, Alisia began to gain weight rapidly. Currently, she is trying to stay healthy, but does not plan to lose her extra weight. It seems that Scott is not against and likes the new forms of his wife.

He really loves Alisia and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. This atypical couple makes believe in true and unconditional love. While the spouses also have unhealthy lovers, which is not surprising.

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