Man Saved Money For 10 Years To Buy A Stray Animal Ambulance

Humans are responsible for the security of our fragile planet which sometimes has to crash because of war criminals, pollution and various delinquencies.

Humans are responsible for the fauna and flora of our Earth.

They are very often guilty for animals that are in danger of extinction.

But there are kind people who try to protect animals and plants, who are full of compassion for all creatures on our planet.

And they do all they can to rescue and help the animal kingdom.

The events of this surprising story take place in India, in the city of Pune.

A man called Baru is a big animal lover. Baru is a simple man who earns his living by working hard.

And for ten years he saved money to help animals.

The man bought an ambulance car so that we could come to the rescue of the four-legged friends. With his friends, he takes stray animals to the vet.

Also, the vehicle is used to transport pets to the veterinary clinic whose owners do not have the means to do so.

The kind man protects needy animals and keeps them in his home until they recover.

Baru also welcomes them when the refuge is overwhelmed.

He says not everyone respects their work. But certainly, there are people who are grateful for their task and dedication.

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