Huge rabbits were saved from cruel experiments

When the animal rescue center received a report that a number of rabbits were being kept indoors in inappropriate conditions, a rescue team went to investigate the matter with police officers. When the team arrived they were amazed at what they saw.

About 47 rabbits were kept in small, cramped and dirty cages in absolutely deplorable conditions.

The rabbits were Flemish giants weighing around 18 pounds, the size of a medium-sized dog like a spaniel.

It was obvious that the rabbits were not looked after at all and their size was incompatible with the small cages.

“These poor rabbits lived in cramped and dirty conditions that would have been very uncomfortable for them, especially in the heat,” rescue center supervisor Trevor Walker told reporters. “Luckily the vet found they were all fine with a few exceptions. one of them is now on medication for watery eyes and a sore on the back of his neck.”

Apart from minor issues, the rabbits were fortunately not seriously injured. They are now very well taken care of by the rescue center and once they have had time to settle in and decompress they will all be put up for adoption.

“We hope they find loving homes,” Walker said. “They will make good pets as they have a good temperament.”

These adorable giants need love and want to find their forever homes.

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