Tom Hanks’ heroic act of rushing to help a stranded stranger left no one indifferent

Tom Hanks’ Kind Act To A Stranger Deserves Praise

Lately, DiCaprio’s heroic act of rescuing a drowning stranger has caused a storm of discussion on the web. And this case is also worth praising. One of the network users confessed that he was fortunately saved thanks to well-known Tom Hanks.

As the man mentioned, he suddenly found himself in trouble on the reading on his way west. The stranger was headed for skiing, but all his plans were ruined simply because of a flat tire. As it was snowing heavily at the time, he did not have the opportunity to repair the car and fix the problem. And amazingly, invaluable help came from a totally unexpected source. Despite violent storms, strong winds and extreme frosts.

Tom Hanks rushed to offer help to the helpless stranger.

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