Scared Dog Abandoned By Roadside Melts Into Woman’s Arms After Being Rescued

Dogs are such devoted and caring pets, especially when it comes to young children. There have been many cases of children disappearing from home only to be found next to their trusty dog ​​keeping them safe.

Such was the case recently, after a missing 5-year-old boy was found safe and sound thanks to his caring German Shepherd.

On April 2, Houston Police Department officers responded to a call about a small boy walking on train tracks with only his dog nearby.

Department Sergeant Ricardo Salas said he realized a 5-year-old child had Down syndrome and was about half a mile from his home. He also realized that a German Shepherd named Alejandro was following him as his protector.

“Witnesses told me the dog was with the little boy when they found him. When I left with the boy, the dog followed me,” he said. Salas tweeted about it. “This dog was his protector and his angel.”

“It seems to us that the dog knew something had happened, she knew the baby wasn’t supposed to go and eventually followed it,” he told the Houston Chronicle. “He was very caring and kept his eyes on the baby.”

Even with the officers helping them, Alejandro remained alert, not letting his man out of sight.

“The dog has followed me almost everywhere I go. He wasn’t barking, he wasn’t scared,” Salas added, saying that when he put the boy in the car, the dog “jumped into the driver’s seat with him.”

Soon officers received another call and discovered the boy was a missing child named Jose. The boy’s mother, Jasmine Martinez, told Click 2 Houston that she and her 5-year-old son started napping and when she woke up she realized Jose had gone somewhere.

Fortunately, everything went: the boy did not suffer any injuries, apart from a few minor scratches. The family is grateful, but not surprised, that their faithful dog stood up for José when he was in danger.

“Alejandro has always been a very caring dog since we got him, we got him when he was a kid. I wasn’t surprised when they said he was dating him all this time,” Jose’s sister, Samantha Muñoz, told Click 2 Houston.

Police said no charges would be brought against the family and the mother was now installing child safety locks to prevent something similar from happening again.

Sergeant Salas says he was touched by “the level of dedication this dog has shown to this little boy” and says it was important the dog looked after him because the train tracks are usually very busy .

“Thank you, my God, for taking care of this baby,” he wrote.

Thank goodness that dog was there to protect that little boy — you’re a good dog, Alejandro!

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