Jovi told his secrets to a happy marriage and a strong relationship

These are the secrets of a happy marriage shared by Bon Jovi and his wife

This renowned singer, talented musician and founder of a popular rock band has been living with his beloved partner named Dorothea for already 30 years. The great artist mentioned that he never regretted his decision to marry Dorothea, when the hearts of millions of women were broken.

In 1989 he traveled to Las Vegas where he suddenly got married. At that time, Bon was in his prime and had a huge army of fans all over the world. Currently, he has a wonderful and exemplary family.

The legendary man has not once admitted that the reason and motivation he changed to becoming the best version of himself was actually thanks to his beloved wife.

While the very beginning of their relationship was rather difficult and tedious as Jovi’s parents refused to approve of his decision and did not really love his future wife.

Jovi confessed that his wife’s strong will, determination and calmness were among the fundamental factors that the family was able to face all the difficulties and obstacles. He remarked that his wife is actually the strongest woman he has ever known in his life.

Together, they managed to achieve one of the most essential things for a happy and strong marriage: balance in a relationship.

And when the musician was asked what the secrets to a happy marriage were, he burst out laughing, saying there were no secrets actually.

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