Wilford cat weighs as much as three cats and its belly is adorable as it is and people love it

A cat who arrived in a temporary foster home turned out to have a belly as cute as her personality. The cat, named Wilford, is 12.7 pounds and his temporary owner estimates he weighs almost three cats. However, a healthy weight is half Wilford’s current weight, so this cat is slowly losing weight. He happily rummages through toys and small objects in hopes of finding a forever home.

A shelter in Washington is home to a cat called Wilford who is very large. This cat had to leave his original home because his owner could no longer take care of him.

Because of this situation, eight-year-old Wilford was taken into the care of a foster family. The cat now weighs 12.7 kg and we are helping him lose weight.

Since moving to his new home, Wilford has become very stressed and refuses to eat. He had to submit to snack sessions to regain his appetite.

Additionally, a veteran reviewed the chat and found several other issues that needed to be addressed. The shelter calculated Wilford’s weight as that of a normal cat.

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Her weight is approximately the combined weight of the domestic cat Dora 3.8 kg and two other cats, 4.3 kg each.

Wilford’s normal weight is estimated to be around 6kg, which is half of his current weight. To lose Wilford’s weight, he started exercising.

According to Wilford’s owner, he is very playful, although he cannot move freely due to his weight. However, Wilford often has difficulty eating.

Wilford’s favorite position is to lie on his back with his legs and tail extended. Wilford is now looking for a nice new home.

Wilford is a bit nervous because he lives with other cats. This big boy hopes to soon find a home where he will be cared for and pampered.

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