Unforgettable Snow Horse Tour Delights Man in Tears

Zhu Spake, Audrey Spake’s father, has been bedridden for several months due to numerous health issues. Zhu just had a visitor who also helped rebuild his heart, but his doctors are doing their best to help his body heal.

Pashoka is the name of this guest.

A horse therapist named Pachoca works with volunteers from the non-profit organization Coletivo Incluso, which aims to help people with special needs. It can make all the difference.

Earlier this week, Spake posted a touching video capturing the moment Pachoka visited his father. Pachoka sat quietly, snuggling into Zhu’s chest, modestly exchanging comfort and affection, seemingly sensing the kind of relationship Zhu most needed.

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The therapeutic effects of therapy animals on the health and well-being of patients are now recognized by a growing number of healthcare professionals.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Patients with a variety of health conditions can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, sadness, and exhaustion with animal treatment.” And it’s not just those with health issues who benefit. Those who visit animals with family and friends also report feeling better.

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