Twin dogs seduce everyone with their eyelashes

To be popular, famous and gain followers on Instagram these days, you have to be yourself, and a pretty face is not enough.

Beautiful eyelashes, on the other hand, are completely appropriate, especially if they grow out of a dog’s face.

Italian twin sisters Chloe and Nene are cute enough to star in a mascara commercial. But they don’t have to, it’s completely natural.

Cocker spaniels are a breed with long eyelashes. But Chloé and Nene are already exuberant. The Spanish sisters have become real stars.

They are Italian dogs that have nearly 9,000 fans.

And this, thanks to their fabulous eyelashes. Bat your eyelashes and fly away. It’s the twins’ answer to those who claim their looks are fake.

According to owner Vittoria, the looks are 100% natural.

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