Truck driver checks his tires, finds tiny orphan animal hiding there

The truck driver in Namibia was ready for this change, so he checked the tires as he always does before he took off. Only this time an unexpected little guest wrapped around one of the tires. It was an earth pig (an aardvark), a mammal living in Africa.

Of course first the driver thought of looking for the baby’s mother, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Assuming he could be on his own, he decided to help this little creature and he carefully picked him up and put him in the truck. And they went to Dr. Erica de Jager, a local veterinarian.

Dr. Erica was more than happy to shelter the little earth pig, to offer him the love and comfort he needed.

Dr. Erica was sure the little baby would survive.

As soon as he arrived at the shelter, the earth pig started interacting with these little babies, Spokey and Zara. And Dr. Erica couldn’t believe in her eyes how quickly they became friends.

“The dogs were interested in him and reacted like he was another puppy,” Dr Erica said. I don’t think the aliens understood he was a four animal. I think he just thought he was a dog!”

After five months at the center, ET made a full recovery and was strong enough to be released back into the wild where he was. However, according to Dr. Erica, he always returns to visit his adoptive mother and old friends.

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