The miraculous healing of the tigress Aasha

The Bengal tiger cub Asha is nine months old and weighs 13.6 kg, which is normal for a three-month-old tiger cub. Asha works in a traveling circus, where she is abused and her health is not monitored. He was also regularly attacked by a large tiger kept in the same cage.

Fortunately, he was very lucky. Vicky Kihei, founder of the Wild Exotic Animal Rescue of Texas, was informed of the animal’s fate by an inspector from the Department of Agriculture and was impressed when she saw Asha at the circus. The tiger was later removed from the circus and taken in by Vicky. 2011.

I hadn’t realized how small a nine-month-old tiger could be. Most of his body was covered in patchy fur, his skin was dry and cracked, and he was bleeding in places. Upon examination, Asha was found injured, with signs of being bitten by another tiger.

Vicky went to see him every day, gave him medicine and spent time with him. It must be treated very gently to heal. Asha also received special treatment every day.

After eight weeks, when her hair started to grow back, the first effects appeared. At this time, the main treatment was completed, and he was placed in a cage with a water bath for soaking.

Eight months later, the tiger cub started gaining weight and growing, finally looking like a healthy tiger, says Vicki Black.

Asha, like all tigers, loves water. We were then introduced to another tiger, Smuggler, who lives in a nearby enclosure.

Smuggler is happy to meet him, and Asha isn’t afraid of him, even though he’s a male tiger almost three times his size. There is even a certain attraction between them.

At first they saw each other through the bars of their cage, but then they started doing it together and it worked out really well. They now live in the same enclosure.

It was four years ago. Asha is younger than Smug now, but she knows not to annoy Smug unnecessarily.

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