The friendly dog ​​of the shelter protected the volunteer from being kidnapped by a criminal

The Jepson dog arrived at the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue shelter which is a non-profit organization and is located in Tennessee, USA.
He was taken away by his owners because of the pathological symptoms.

His condition was very serious and he needed all the help he could get.

But thanks to the care and attention of the staff, the dog was recovered.

And now it was he who had the opportunity to come to the aid of those who rescued him.

The sanctuary was in an industrial area and, where in recent years, criminal elements were quite active.

While walking the hostel dogs, the young volunteers were chased several times.

And this time, without Jepson, one of their volunteers would definitely be kidnapped.

In the morning, when the young woman took Jepson for a walk, everything was fine, until she bent down to pet the dog.

At that moment, the caring pooch began to bark furiously.

The woman looked up and saw two men get out of a van and rush towards her.

But the brave Jepson threw himself towards the evildoers, barking with all his might.

So the robbers returned to their vehicle and fled.

The shelter staff were very grateful to Jepson, as he was not afraid of the tricksters and was able to chase them away.

The management of the establishment has decided to move the shelter to a safer place.

As for brave doggie Jepson, although he is surrounded by caring staff, he still needs a good welcoming family.

And the volunteers were doing all they could to find him a forever home.

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