Meet a Bengali cat named Thor with beautiful perfect fur

What is this Bengali cat named Thor can look into the soul. Just look into this green sky and you will meet all of yourselves. And this fabulous sand flower fur with perfect cult shelves and belly spots is just stunning. Who is determined to guess that it is impossible not to be in the east and go further.

“I am obedient, obedient,” says Rani, hozian Tora

“Every time he opens his mouth, we are ready to help him”

“But I’ve made it clear we love it so much”

“Thor is a very active and loving cat!”

“He strays all day and we won’t get away from his meow, he’s angry”

“And a beautiful day, essentially a move to sleep, he creates with his Spirit and begins to go around the house which does not ask the question on the spot”

“He directs like a child who does not take to go to sleep”

“But after a few minutes he manages and faces his task”

“Cogda u nas posetitel, he will not run away like some cats, but will confirm who he is and what he smells”

“And if the guests came to him by soul, he let that light be known by washing”

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