A woman adopts a very judgmental Chihuahua with a big personality

Tracy is very kind to her pets. But the cutest of them all is her chihuahua, Tina. This little dog spends the whole day with his mistress, at his ease. When Tracy leaves the room for 30 seconds, the Chihuahua sees that Tracy has returned and flies into the room. Tina is not particularly interested in this toy, but she loves to approach it and chase it. The two became close friends after Tracy lost her dog. One day a friend called to tell her that she had a Chihuahua, Lil Bit, and Tracy asked if she could adopt him.

The kind person immediately accepted the offer. However, she was worried about whether the pup would get along well with German Shepherds and Labradors. The day Tina met Tracy, she sat cross-legged in her little den and winked at her new mother. It was like she was judging her.

Tracy was taken away by the dog. When she got home, she cuddled all the way; she got along well with both dogs and was very protective of her new mom. The owner told Tina about her previous dog.

Tina had been a friend of the family for about three years. This little dog was very loved by her masters and wanted to go everywhere with them. She liked to go for walks and could just run around. Tina makes everyone laugh with her goofy personality.

Tracy is a songwriter. Sometimes she takes Tina to concerts with her. She plays music and lets her dog lie on her lap. This is unique for Tracy as her previous dogs did the same thing.

However, Tracy finds something else that sets her apart from other dogs. Tina scratches her paws, like humans do. Tracy loved Tina to death and couldn’t live without her.

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