The adorable dog captivated everyone with his human appearance: people think his face is altered

There are dogs whose face resembles that of humans. Here is a nice example.

The charming dog Nori is a mix of Toy Australian Shepard and Toy Poodle. He has soft features, large almond eyes and an inexplicable smile.

The pup rose to fame when its owners Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo posted its admirable photos on social media.

Her images melted the hearts of thousands and went viral.

When Nori was still a puppy, his face had more human features, but even today his look hasn’t lost its human resemblance and he seems to be smiling.

Nori is a very sociable, lively and intelligent pet. He makes great friendships with dogs and humans.

Really, it’s not the first case when an animal surprises people with its human appearance, except monkeys that congregate with men.

His adoptive mother Tiffany says that especially the color of his hair, his smile and his eyes make him human.

Her owners have adopted another pooch too, so that Nori has a friend. Boba is a one year old Shorkie, Shih-tzu, Yorkie mix.

As Nori has more energy, Boba gets angry sometimes. When they are together, her human gaze is emphasized even more.

And Nori gets nervous when her mom paints her nails. He starts moaning with a grimace.

When Nori walks with her owners, people always stop to get to know her.

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