Scared Dog Abandoned By Roadside Melts Into Woman’s Arms After Being Rescued

To love our dogs is to do anything for them, even if it means giving them up so they can live a better life. This is what a resident of Florida did when he fell on hard times and unfortunately became homeless. Dakota is his absolute best friend, but he knew living on the streets was no life for a dog. He couldn’t afford to feed her anymore, and he made the sacrifice and did the hardest thing to make sure Dakota was well taken care of.

He donated his little fur to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, hoping she would find a better life. At the shelter, all of the staff took care of her and loved her, but many people ignored her and she remained unfit for weeks. While that sounds nasty, it certainly worked that way for a reason.

The Humane Society received a call from Dakota’s father, who was finally able to improve his life in the short time Dakota was in a shelter. He got a new job, found a house, and called the shelter, hoping Dakota was still there. Part of him expected she had already been adopted, but once he learned she was still there, he realized it was fate.

The Humane Society has set a time for a man to come get together with his best friend, and that time couldn’t be sweeter.

“When we brought Dakota to her dad, she just screamed with joy and ran into his arms,” the Humane Society of Tampa Bay wrote on Facebook. “The young man was so overwhelmed with emotion that he started crying. Let’s be honest, we did too! It was a very moving moment.”

The inseparable couple took a joint photo in which they were both smiling from ear to ear. Dakota’s father sacrificed himself to give Dakota the best life possible, but in the end, he’s the one who will give her a better life!

The humane society gave Dakota a new leash, a collar and six months of preventive medication to help her father, who continues to recover.

We know Dakota will live a wonderful life with her dad, and we’re so glad they both made it in the end. Dreams come true!

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