Rescued cub first encounters fawn and tries to stand on its hind legs to look taller

Baby animals that are even wild, are very cute beings. Humans fall in love with these charming creatures.

There are lots of fun and interesting pet videos of owners capturing the good times of their four-legged friends.

Among all of them, a mind-blowing video appeared on social media that made everyone laugh.

Funny and sweet images at the same time fill us with endless tenderness and melt our hearts.

A little black bear cub named Boog was rescued and adopted by kind people and lives in a home surrounded by care and love.

At first, the fluffy baby was scared, but gradually he began to get used to his surroundings and his new life and to trust people.

Lo and behold, the cub had a roommate, a newborn fawn that the owners decided to introduce to him.

At first, the little plantigrade was very shy, but finally, encouraged by the words of his owner, after several steps, Boog decided to greet his new friend.

And to appear taller in front of his new acquaintance, he stood on his hind legs.

Fortunately, their owner was able to film this wonderful sweet moment. And the truly spectacular images very quickly went viral.

Come admire the fun and delicious moments of the bear’s encounter with the little fawn!

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