According to studies, scientists confirm that dogs can smell “bad people”

Science proves that dogs are not only intelligent animals, but they can know the nature of people and distinguish kind-hearted men from people with bad intentions.

Sometimes it seems to you that your pooch can’t stand someone, that you yourself don’t sympathize with him. Even if he doesn’t treat him badly, the dog may smell him as horrible.

So scientists confirm that dogs have an ability to perceive “bad people”. But is it a pure truth?

Many people claim that cats are much more discerning, but doggies are naive and love everyone.

So, to introduce insight into such a debatable question, dog owners sought help from specialists.

Experts have completed tests among owners and their doggies.

Many of the researchers helped the owners of the four-legged friends.

A group of researchers remained passive and some experts refused to help in resolving the issue.

Then, the same specialists offered treats to the dogs of these owners.

The dogs accepted treats from those who were willing to help or even who were passive.

But the doggies refused treats from those who didn’t want to help their owners.

This study confirmed that dogs don’t drive themselves out of self-interest and that, indeed, they have a natural ability to sense negative and mean people.

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