A generous man saves a wild horse stuck in a fence

A family in Green Mountain, Wyoming rescued a wild horse that had been trapped in their yard. After being released, the animal lay still for a while, but rescuers began to pet it until it regained its strength. This beautiful moment was captured on film and quickly spread online.

Melissa Tysbar was hiking in the Green Mountains with her husband Tony and daughter when they came across a wildebeest in distress. The poor beast was lying on the ground, its hind legs nailed to the fence. I don’t know how long the horse had been in this state, but it must have been a while.

It was very dangerous for the animal to remain in this state, but Tony acted quickly and saved the animal’s life. The man then slowly moved around the horse and eventually cut the rope and released it. But to his surprise, the horse is still lying on the ground and does not move. Then Tony did something very interesting. He approached the wild horse and began to stroke it. His daughter joins him and gently strokes the defenseless horse until he regains his strength.

Melissa says in the video: Whatever you did, you did the right thing because he didn’t fight you.

Melissa Tesfer wrote: On July 3, while riding through the green hills of Wyoming, she was lucky enough to save a wild horse. She was healthy and leading the herd when we found the same herd.

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