The Lost Baby Wolf Was Adopted By A Woman And Found His True Happiness In The Human World

In general, pets are dogs and cats. But man can adopt any animal and even befriend wild animals.

A young woman called Alida who lives in Russia, brought home an orphaned baby wolf.

The three-day-old cub was abandoned by his mother. Rescuers found him and took him to the shelter.

The kind woman adopted the baby when he was just 28 days old. She called him Kira.

Kira had a second chance and is now doing very well with Alida.

Alida says the little one was smart, but stubborn. And since he had to live among humans, his socialization started from the very beginning.

Kira has been around a lot of dogs and adults and children.

Also, she let the baby get used to new smells and made him hear new sounds.

Wolves are usually afraid of new things, so it was quite difficult to raise a baby wolf.

But the woman succeeded through hard work. She did everything so that the wolf grew up good and harmless.

Alida shares pictures of Kira on social media.

She wrote: “Kira is a nice girl, she does not react to other dogs who are angry and is never aggressive. In addition, she loves children and treats them well. She approaches the little ones if they want to play with him. »

Alida adores her furry friend. And this love is reciprocal, full of tenderness and emotional moments.

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