Scared Shelter Dog Jumps For Joy When He Realizes He’s Been Adopted

All of the shelter dogs are waiting to be adopted, dreaming of a family that will love them and give them an Eternal home. There is nothing better than the moment when the dog realizes that he finally has an owner.

A touching viral video shows how adoption can completely change a dog’s life as a poor Pitbull goes from a frightened Instant to a delighted Instant.

Even though shelters try to keep their dogs happy and comfortable, it can be an intimidating place for a dog. When an 8-month-old pit bull named Benny walked into Carson’s animal shelter, he looked scared and alone, never knowing what was about to happen to him.

The video shows Benny in a shelter crowded with other barking dogs. He seems shy, hiding in his kennel.
When people come to his door, he doesn’t know what to do about it, remaining cautious.

When a person wears a red collar around his neck, he does not know where he is going. But suddenly he understands what is happening:

He is adopted!

Benny glances over at the couple standing there to greet him and seems to realize that they are finally coming out. He starts jumping for joy.

His excitement continues as he steps out, tasting freedom and happily wagging his tail when it becomes clear he will never return to shelter.

The shelter was equally excited that Benny had found the family.

“This special little guy won the hearts of everyone who walked into his kennel,” the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs wrote on Facebook.

“He snatched the jackpot when this lovely family decided to take him home.”

We are so excited for this dog! This shows the huge impact that adopting a dog from a shelter can have. Share this inspiring story!

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