Nothing makes sense without her: Dancing millionaire Gianluca Vaki celebrated his adorable daughter’s birthday

Serbian-Italian millionaire Gianluca Vaki, also known as a dancing millionaire, celebrated his adorable daughter’s first birthday.

The birth of her daughter, Blu Jerusalema, was a very important event in her life.

“She is my world and nothing makes sense without Blu Jerusalema,” Gianluca wrote on social media.

The man also adores his wife, Venezuelan model, actress and blogger Sharon Fonseca.

Their love story too became famous and touched the hearts of all who admire the couple.

The eccentric millionaire shares photos of his happy family on his Instagram account and often writes touching comments revealing how much he adores his jewellery.

The girl’s birthday was a special occasion to express the tender and affectionate feelings he has for his lovely daughter.

Also on this day, the caring father of the family installed captivating images with his wife and daughter.

And subscribers were moved by these beautiful photos and wrote a bunch of comments congratulating them and wishing the cute girl from the

joy and happiness with all their hearts.

Sweet daughter Blu Jerusalema is too small to understand her father’s popularity.

But when the one-year-old girl sees her father’s face on the television screen, her unexpected reaction fills the souls of the couple’s followers with sweetness who admire this beautiful and very harmonious family.

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