Abandoned dog refuses to leave cardboard box, waiting for owner to return

Dogs are such devoted and loving animals. Any pet owner knows how nice it is to come home and see your dog greet you happily as if he’s been waiting for you all this time.

But unfortunately, sometimes dogs are betrayed by owners who don’t deserve their love and don’t reciprocate. Such was the case with a poor pup who was thrown into a cardboard box, but he continued to wait in vain for his master’s return despite the exhausting heat.

According to the nonprofit rescue Dallas Dog, a 10-month-old puppy was left on the side of the road. Either way, the pup refused to leave his box.
“She was just sitting there,” Dallas Dog wrote on Facebook. “I wait and wait, hoping someone comes back.”

“It never left…it just stayed in the drawer and waited.”

She was abandoned, left unknown by her master, but the dog didn’t seem to know it and was faithfully waiting for their return.

She didn’t move—even though she was outside in the exhausting heat. The temperature would have been above 104 degrees and the pressure index above 110.

The dog was called Harvest—because the box it was found in was for “Harvest Premium Diced Potatoes.”

Harvest was sheltered by the Dallas dog. Even on the way to the shelter, the frightened dog still refused to leave his cabin. When she arrived at her nursery, the shelter volunteers decided to leave her at home.

“They left a box in his kennel because it was his safety,” Dallas Dog president Patti Dawson told Dodo. “You could just see his shoulders and his body shaking in fear.”

It was clear the scared pup needed some extra love, so Dallas Dog urgently sought out a foster family.

Luckily, they found him soon, and Harvest felt a loving home for the first time. Soon, her personality started to come through, and the photos show how she swapped her cardboard box for a comfortable bed:

This dog has not yet found her happy ending: she is still in foster care and is looking for another family to adopt her forever.

But as Dallas Dog works to find her an eternal home, Harvest is in good hands in her foster home, recovering, and receiving much-needed love.

It’s heartbreaking that this poor pup has been abandoned and that she has been waiting so long for her master’s return. But she’s already come a long way since then and we hope she finds her eternal home soon!

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