18 Animals That Clearly Cosplay Famous Characters And Personalities

There is an opinion based on Mathematical calculations and characteristics of the genome that each of us in the world has up to a hundred duplicates. Those that visually match 100%, at least a dozen. Because the number of appearance options, of course, and you can’t think of something new without coming across the old. But the same can be said about animals, our little brothers, who unwittingly become Twins of different creatures and cinematic images.

With pressed ears, the cat is a baby Yoda!

One more twisted smile to everyone and there will be a copy of Bruno and Lucifer from the old cartoon!

Steve Buscemi is lucky he has a shelter fan-cat

No, Jamie Heineman is not as fat as this cat!

I think the character is exactly the same as the portrait likeness

Get ready Snoop Dogg! A dog will soon crush you in a rap battle!

No, come on! The cat’s gaze is much more pathetic, right here in the heart!

Yes, there is some similarity here too

Denny de Vito is not offended when compared to a seagull

If Dobby had been taken from film to real life, he would certainly have become a devoted barber’s dog.

To be honest, the cat is even scarier than Arnie in the Terminator image

Looks like they grew up on a distant planet!

The expressive gaze of Semuel Coat Jackson

Kirsten Dunst is jealous of this cat’s hairstyle! Relax, it’s just a wig!

Do you believe in the reincarnation of souls in your life?

The dog is even more brutal than the inherently brutal Ron Perlman

Ed Shiran is not getting rid of this image anymore

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