This Dog’s Fur Was So Matted She Could Walk, But After The Haircut Wasn’t Recognized

The couple were driving late one evening near Oviedo, Florida, and saw a stray dog ​​on the side of the road. The dog’s fur was very confused, he barely reacted and had clearly been unattended for most of his life. Unable to leave the dog at home, the couple posted a desperate request on social media, to which groomer Kari Falla responded.

This stray dog ​​was found on the side of the road in Oviedo, Florida. His coat was so matted that the animal could no longer walk

People who found a dog wrote on social networks that they cannot take the animal for themselves. At their request, groomer Kari Falla responded, who opened his salon in the middle of the night to trim the dog

“I knew everything was wrong with the dog, but I wasn’t ready for what I saw. It made me cry,” Kari commented later.

The girl worked tirelessly until 3 a.m. to relieve the dog from suffering

And in the end, something really amazing happened

Beneath the matted fur was a brand new dog

The dog, who was later named Lucky, may have had the first shower of his life

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