Its wool was spilled in the carpet and weighed as much as the cat itself. No one could believe their eyes

Even experienced vets and volunteers were shocked at the condition of the Persian cat, who was brought to them for shelter. His name was Sinbad and he carried 2.5 kg of tangled, dirty wool, felled in a solid Clod.

With such a load, Sinbad could barely move, was very exhausted and refused to eat. But he loved people and understood that he would definitely be helped here. The cat was very affectionate with anyone who approached him.

“Sinbad appeared in our home after a community service worker saw him in an elderly man’s apartment. The man couldn’t even take care of himself — even, what about the cat…”, explains Elliot, one of the shelter’s volunteers.

The Persian cat needed a lot of help.

The first thing to do was to cut all the wool.

“Sinbad turned out to be a very intelligent and patient cat. He silently and firmly endured several hours of haircuts.

He was about 9 years old, and his weight was 3 kg. It is hard to imagine how difficult it was to drag a ball of wool, weighing like him.

“Once he freed himself from that scary load, he just wanted to lay on someone’s lap”

He started being fed in very small portions to make sure his digestive system was working.

A week later, Sinbad was already completely healthy.

Elliot decided to take Sinbad home for the weekend so the cat wouldn’t get bored in the shelter. But Sinbad had his own views on this.

When they got home, Sinbal lay on Elliot’s chest and started purring very loudly. Maybe they’ve never been happier in 9 years. He thanked Elliot for the goodness, for the warmth and for the salvation.

Of course, Sinbad didn’t return to the safehouse. Elliot made the only right decision:

“I just couldn’t give it to someone. I will follow his diet and give him as much warmth, love and care as he wants. The main task for us now is to put on the right weight and regrow his beautiful wool,” explains Elliot.

Watch this incredible transformation:

Despite what Sinbad has been through, He continues to love and trust people.

“We have something to learn from him”

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