German Shepherd dog gives birth to largest litter of puppies in England

For dog lovers, a large litter of puppies is a very pleasant surprise and newborn puppies are never too many.

For the staff of an organization called Guide Dogs in the UK, the day on which a large number of puppies were born was a real celebration.

It was the largest litter for 60 years in English history.

Sixteen newborn puppies were the offspring of a German Shepherd mom named Unity and a golden retriever dad named Trigger. And all were healthy.

Guide Dogs is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to breed and train dogs and provide people with the services they need.

Unity, the mother of the famous litter, was three years old. The dog made a great gift for the organization, giving birth to sixteen adorable puppies.

Guide Dogs Breeding Operations Manager Matthew Bottomley told People: “A litter of this size is really

fantastic. But the pandemic has disrupted our organization’s breeding program. It also had a negative impact on the number of

litters. So these puppies are even dearer to all of us. »

Throughout her gestation period, Unity was monitored by veterinarians. After a scan, they said the quantity of puppies to be born was nine.

The Sixteen Wonders were born with black fur adorned with gold flecks.

They are with folded ears like their golden retriever father Trigger. The puppies are Unity’s first litter and Trigger’s twenty-eighth.

We are sure that all these puppies carry the best qualities of their breeds.

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