Every year this 80-year-old woman rides 1000 km with her disabled dog

Jane Dotchin, an 80-year-old Scottish woman, has an extraordinary habit.

50 years ago, since 1972, she packs her bags, harnesses her horse and leaves home for an epic journey that starts from Hexham, Northumberland, to Inverness, Scotland, covering 600 miles.

A few years ago she traveled with her disabled jack russell dog Dink riding her beloved 13 year old horse Diamond.

Thus this magnificent trio covers 15 to 20 miles a day. Usually, the trip lasts seven weeks.

She takes her route according to the weather and passes her way near streams.

In his haversacks, Jean carries everything necessary for such a trip, including his tent, his food and some personal items.

During his journey, his food consists mainly of porridge, cheese, and oatcakes.

And it hardly needs any electricity. John uses an old cell phone that takes six weeks to charge the battery.

The brave woman adores these annual trips and each year eagerly waits for the days of her odyssey to arrive.

Usually she starts traveling at the end of the summer. During her long horseback ride, she visits people she has met over the years.

This heroic woman is always full of wanderlust and she has no intention of stopping her unusual walks.

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