Bully the chihuahua celebrates his twenty-third birthday with his new family: happy birthday to adorable Bully

An elderly dog, named Bully, celebrates his twenty-third birthday. On this occasion, there were large balloons, bone-shaped treats and good food for all the dogs in the house.

This adorable chihuahua was born in 1999. He lived a long happy life with his loving family, enjoying the company of his humans.

But his elderly owner could no longer care for him and two years ago Bully found a welcoming home whose owners Chris and Mariesa run a non-profit organization.

This warm home is home to several dogs who are surrounded with love and care.

The new family liked Bully very much. Mariesa confessed on social media: “To be honest, when he was brought to our house, I didn’t want to add another dog to our family, especially a 21-year-old dog and especially a Chihuahua.

But when he arrived, we understood that it was a wonder, that we needed Bully because he brings us great joy.

And now we can’t even imagine our life without him. »

His former owner told The Dodo that Bully was a “big dog in a puppy body.”

He said that Bully is sweet and mean, calm and fiery at the same time. “He is a barking old man,” he added.

This rescue home of Chris and Mariesa also fights against euthanasia and adopts senior dogs, striving for them to spend their last years in peace.

And they organized not only the birthday of Bully, but also of all the four-legged friends in the household.

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