Animal lover spends a year trying to get to know a stray cat in order to gain her trust

A man, named Lex, is an animal lover. But at first he didn’t like cats very much.

Once Lex saw a stray cat and fell in love with it.

He wanted at all costs to gain the fluffy’s trust and to befriend the kitten.

He called him Cinnabon, and for a year in a row he tried to win the little heart of the familyless kitten.

But the feline didn’t pay him much attention. And then he was approaching the house to probably find some food.

The kitten was emaciated and the man decided to give him tuna in the garden, the fish loved by cats.

But Cinnabon remained irresistible and didn’t want to approach Lex. The cat was quite discouraged by people and continued to avoid approaching him.

Lex told The Dodo he kept leaving her water and food on her patio. But on noticing it, the kitten ran away each time to the other side of the glass.

Lex decided to build the stray kitten a little house in his yard so he could enjoy a soft bed with blankets.

And it was a very pleasant surprise when Lex learned that the fluffy kitty had entered his little house.

Seeing him, the kitten stared at him through the window and fell asleep like a member of the family.

Lex understood that now the kitten would trust him.

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