20 funny animals that clearly demonstrate what it means to be a mom

Motherhood is not only a joy with her baby, but also sleepless nights, constant changing of diapers, feeding and complete lack of time for you – even – all this adds to the already tired stress of motherhood. mother. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is a beautiful thing and fully justifies any sacrifice, but it certainly has its downsides. These funny animal photos perfectly convey what the other side of motherhood looks like.

Zoe is so happy to be a mom!

This is what every mother’s life is like

Poor mom cat was so tired she fell asleep leaning against the wall

Where am I?

There was some time to rest

octopus cat

Daddy-cat likes to sit alone in the sink. But that’s all in the past, because now he has children

“Not what I expected…”

“For what?”

Looks like this mom is going to go crazy soon

The moment you realize you don’t want kids, but it’s late

“My cat recently gave birth to kittens and the expression on her muzzle is priceless”

Looks like a real mom

“Canine God give me strength”

Step back!

“My cat has become a mother. I don’t think she really likes it.”

“How tired I am…”

hold more strength


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