This young man installed a hidden camera in his bedroom and found out what his cat was doing at night

This young Thai has a cute cat that he absolutely adores.

He shares his photos on social media and people see how the kitten and his owner are full of warm feelings for each other.

Once the man decided to find out how his fluffy friend spent the night while he slept.

So he installed a camera in his bedroom that had the ability to film in the dark.

In the morning, he eagerly watched the night video and discovered the adventures of his tailed friend.

Cats are known to like to sleep during the day, but at night they become active and roam here and there.

But looking at the filmed images, the young man understood that his cat did not leave him and stayed with his owner all night, sleeping cuddled up against him.

Sometimes he stood up, rubbed his cheek and hugged his beloved.

The furry friend encircled with his arms the neck of his human companion in such a way, as he wanted to strangle him in his caresses.

And when the kitten wasn’t sleeping, it stayed next to its human friend just to watch over it.

The guy was a bit disappointed, because the fluffy ball did everything he did during the day.

But the man understood that his pet’s love for him was limitless.

He shared these wonderful photos in a group called “Cat Lover’s Club” and soon these sweet pictures went viral.

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