This cute baby elephant is one year old and he is spending his birthday playing football

On his birthday, the baby elephant at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in London was given a gift voucher by zookeepers and the baby celebrated his first year by playing football.

As football is such a popular sport in the UK, the staff decided that baby elephant Elizabeth would like the game too. And they were right, Elizabeth was the best footballer in the zoo.

The balls given to the baby elephant weren’t real soccer balls, but fitness ones, and that didn’t stop Elizabeth from revealing all of her skills as a talented player.

It can be noted that being a good player, this little one was very selfish.

Although football is a team sport, she wanted to play on her own.

By catching both balls at the same time, she showed her skills playing with her feet and even using her core.

These funny images were captured showing everyone that in the UK even elephants play football!

“We are happy that Elizabeth liked her gifts. She experienced great pleasure in playing.

It is a very effective way to develop physical activity and rhythm. She is so natural with her balls,” said Mark Howes, the zookeeper.

And he added: “It takes time for newborn elephants to be able to work with their trunk which has over 40,000 muscles.

We were very surprised at how quickly Elizabeth caught the balls and was able to control her movements. »

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