For twelve years the seagull has been visiting the man who saved his life every day.

Jack Smith, an 80 year old man, lives in the United Kingdom.

Twelve years ago Smith rescued a seagull whose leg was broken and the bird couldn’t fly.

From that day on, the bird returns to its rescuer every day as if to say thank you.

Jack likes to walk to the mother’s edge to breathe in the fresh sea air and meet his seagull friend.

He even gave the bird a name. When the man is on the beach, meanwhile, Chippy stays close to him by sitting or flying close.

Jack is the only person Chippy likes to fly to.

When Jack first saw the bird, he was badly injured in the leg and the man didn’t know how to help him. But the next day, too, he found the seagull, fortunately alive, in the same place.

She was hungry because she couldn’t fly. So Jack thought he could at least feed the bird and brought some dog biscuit pieces.

He brought biscuit every day and the bird ate hungrily and gradually recovered.

Jack was happy to see the bird fly away one day.

But still, he came to the beach every day, bringing food for Chippy who was always waiting for him and came to meet him when he saw him.

“He has trusted me for a long time. He approaches me and I caress him. I’m her only human friendJack told an animal blog.

They have forged a beautiful friendship, the seagull Chippy and his human friend Jack and which has already continued for twelve years.

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