Charming cat Charlie has kleptomania and he steals all the neighbours’ socks he finds

Charly, the very friendly white and ginger cat, is much loved by his mistress Tracy Chambers.

Tracy adopted him a year ago. During this period, Charly was an ordinary cat.

But lately, for two months, the kitten’s behavior has changed dramatically.

These are Charly’s flights that he performs almost every day.

He discovered a strong passion, that for socks that he always brings for his mistress.

And now Tracy has several socks of different designs.

She likes to joke that it would be better if Charlie brought mice since they destroy her garden.

The first time the kitten stole a pair of white football socks. Tracy threw it in the trash.

She thought it happened by chance. Since that day, the kitten goes hunting every day and comes home proud with its prey.

“We have socks in every color you can imagine, even with pictures.

Now I have a good collection,” Charly’s mistress told the Daily Record.

Tracy started sharing these theft stories on Facebook to let her neighbors know what’s going on with their socks.

And people write a lot of funny comments: “he made me laugh a lot, is he a kleptomaniac or a comedian? or “the world will be prettier if thieves are like Charlie”.

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