When Dog’s Neck Is Found Buried, Rescuer Realizes She’s Not Alone

Veterinarian Soner Büyümez heard a sound earlier this week while working on a rural farm in Turkey that he couldn’t ignore. It seemed helpless, almost like a cry for help.

According to Buyumez, “I rushed to the spot”. “There was a landslide. I noticed the dog was buried alive. Only his head was visible above the ground.

The dog got in trouble. But, as Buyumez soon discovered, she wasn’t just worried about her own life.

“When I first saw her, it was very frustrating,” Buyumez said.

He knew he had to act.

Quickly picking up the shovel, Buyumez began to dig.

Another sound was heard as Buyumez cleaned up the dirt surrounding the dog. The sound was barely audible, but distinct.

Buyumez remarked, “I heard the howling of the puppies. “They were below the surface.”

After the first dog was safely evacuated, Buyumez resumed digging to save his ferns.

In total, Buyumez rescued seven puppies who were buried alive after their underground Burrow collapsed — much to the relief of their worried mother.

Thanks to Buyumez’s quick thinking, the Furry family was now safe and sound.

Buyumez believes the mother dog was homeless and survived the desperate situation on her own. But now she and her children will no longer be alone.

“Their general condition is very good. The mother and her puppies are protected,” Buyumez said. “I will take care of them as my own.”

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