The two kittens from the shelter who have formed a beautiful friendship will never be separated

A woman called Lauren who lives in the United States in Philadelphia was deeply saddened.

Her beloved cat Leo had recently passed away and the woman was in deep distress.

Since that day, she wanted to adopt a kitten to dissipate her great sadness.

To find her favorite pet, she started checking Kitkat Playroom’s official social media pages.

Thus, she spotted her first kitten named Fox. Fox was a tiny, very cute red-haired mimi with long hair.

He was at the shelter with his mother and brothers and was still feeding on his mother’s milk.

And Lauren had to wait until the kitten was weaned.

At that time, another kitten appeared in the shelter, a marvel, called Alfie.

Although Fox had brothers at the shelter, he befriended Alfie.

When Laurent learned the fact about the kittens’ friendship, he decided to adopt both of them.

“I saw him bite his tail. I thought this little crazy one is for me,” Laurent told Love Meow.

So she sent an adoption request to the shelter’s founder, Jen Mack.

The staff of the shelter was very happy when they heard this news, since from their meeting the two kittens had become inseparable.

“Despite being the same age, they never leave each other,” the woman told Love Meow.

Now Alfie and Fox are infinitely happy. They share Lorent’s care and love.

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