Mom Spots Cute Dog Helping Daughter With Laundry

Household chores become less tedious when you have a good friend to help you. Ask Tessa and her service dog Lassie. Tessa’s mother, Rhany Christo, asked her daughter to bring rugs that had recently been cleaned and dried outside. Tessa usually has to bring them one by one, because when we pile them on the floor, the rugs get dirty again.

But with the help of their dog, they were able to find a better solution. I was shocked when I looked outside and saw Lasse holding the mat on his back, Christo told Toto. The family’s other dog, Pasokal, kept an eye on the laundry room while Tessa and Lassey took care of it. It really is teamwork.

The puppies have obviously been more helpful than Tessa. They have become good friends, adds Christo. My babies love them very much.

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