Every day a dedicated elderly man walks his sick dog on a wagon he built himself

Pet owners are very dedicated and help them when needed.

Vonino Vitale, an elderly Italian, is a prime example.

This man adored his Labrador dog named Dylan. The dog was already 13 years old and he noticed that the animal was losing its energy day by day.

The vet diagnosed arthritis. This is a disease that affects the joint of humans and older animals.

It causes pain in the joints, feeling of discomfort and difficulty in moving.

Vanino understood that his senior dog was not going to live very long and decided to make the rest of his life more active and interesting.

The disease made Dylan very weak, he always felt exhausted and no longer felt like walking. But Vonino Vitale worked out a plan.

The man built a handcart to take his tailed friend for a ride so he could enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

And Vital walked his adorable pooch every day and he noticed that the dog felt more lively and cheerful.

The loyalty and love Vitale felt for his furry friend was noticed by people who appreciated the man’s dedication.

And one of the caring neighbors filmed the admirable moments of a walk of the gorgeous couple.

This video has gone viral and serves as an example for other owners to be more considerate of their four-legged friends.

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