47 baby geese are cared for by Mother Goose, who protects them all

While staying at his home, Mr. DeGroot walks along the river near his home in Saskatoon to photograph wildlife with his camera. It was there that he first encountered the geese. Every night I walked along the river looking for beavers. Of course, there were also a lot of geese coming from the south to look for nests. It was very interesting to see the geese fighting for and defending their nests.

In May, Diggat noticed the first chicks were hatching. They are very cute when they are small. Like little tennis balls and little feet, says Diggat. So, while waiting for the beavers, he started taking pictures of the chicks. One night, Diggatt found a female beaver and an unusually large number of cubs sitting in the reeds near the river. He counted 16 babies.

Every night we went looking for this mother and her chicks, and to our surprise Digat said that this mother was 16 years old. It seems like every day there are more.

One day we found a hen with 47 chicks and her partner, one day we counted 25 chicks, then 30. Digat discovered that this beautiful hen raised chicks for several other families.

Flocks are common in cities and suburban areas where many birds nest.

Digut quickly identified this female as the best candidate. With so many geese around, it’s amazing how calm she is. She said. She seems to be a patient mother.

The little chicks grow and grow and she can no longer keep them all under her mother. They are now sleeping in a big pile and she takes care of them.

The flock is now divided into three large family groups, but this super mom and her partner still have 25 chicks. They’ll protect them until it’s time to head back south.

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