This tiny kitten is learning to stand and walk with the support of other cats

This kitten, named Finnegan, had health issues. He could not stand due to a neurological disease.

Finnegan was taken to the shelter at the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation in Arlington, Virginia.

Ellen Carozza, a NOVA Cat Clinic veterinarian and co-founder of the foundation, told Love Meow: “This adorable fluffy ball is so small and he can’t walk or stand.

He needs our help. But in his eyes I see a strong will that will allow him to fight for his life.”

The veterinary team has started intensive treatment to get the cute creature back on its feet as soon as possible.

After an X-ray, they were able to diagnose the kitten and find out the cause of her abscess.

He needed antibiotics, electrolytes and complementary therapies.

During all this time, the little kitty lived at Ellen’s. And Benedict, Helen’s cat being full of care, adopted her and took care of her.

He was licking his face as if to show that everything would be fine.

“Having an older cat that loves kittens is really nice,” Ellen said.

Loki too, the gray tabby cat, has also joined the support team to encourage and comfort the kitten.

Thanks to Ellen’s careful care and extensive support from the cats, Finn began to make incredible progress in a short time.

After a week, Finnegan finally started to feel better enough to use a bottle, and now he was eating with an appetite.

Ellen told Love Meow that the kitten similarly gained weight and finally learned to stand and even walk like a normal kitten.

Finn was gaining muscle in his legs and he is getting stronger every day.

His feline friends kept him company and surrounded him with love.

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