Mama bear comes with her newborn cubs to greet her human lover

Wild animals surprise us all. But it’s hard to believe that a bear of this size could be so friendly to humans. But this mother bear was delighted and grateful for the generosity of this family. Patrick Conley was not surprised to see a black bear in the bushes at the bottom of his garden. Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, he is more familiar with bear sightings than most people. Conley was thrilled when a female bear started visiting the farm regularly.

He has always been interested in wildlife. When the furry visitors stopped coming, he started to worry, but was surprised in a very pleasant way. One day, Conley saw his furry friend in the garden again, but this time he wasn’t alone. Conley had never been so excited to see a wild animal. Simone, that’s what he calls the bear, emerges confidently from the bushes a few meters away, followed by her adorable cubs.

Apparently, the mother bear decided to introduce her cubs to the humans who had cared for them. It was an emotional moment for Conley, who loves animals. He has complete respect for his new family, so petting the cubs was out of the question. However, Conley was delighted to see such a spectacle and filmed it.

He was biased: These little ones are one of the most beautiful creatures that roam these woods. It was a short but intense period. At least for Conley, it was. The mother bear and her cub even climbed the steps to Conley’s porch to let him know they were there. They remained calm throughout the operation and felt comfortable around friendly and respectful people.

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